These modular elements can be readily used and customized across pages and in different blocks.

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Note: Modals are now fully compatible with Variant thanks to our new free plugin, Stack Modals. For details and download see this blog post.

Basic Modal

Modals in Stack are easy to set up and trigger from any element on the page. At their most basic usage, an element with class .modal-trigger inside the same .modal-instance triggers the modal to appear.

Autoshow Modal

Modals can be triggered automatically after a period of time once the page has been loaded by adding data-autoshow=”” to the .modal-container element. The attribute requires a numerical value in milliseconds, ie. a value of 1000 would show the modal 1 second after the page has loaded.

Cookies Enabled Modal

Adding attribute data-cookie to any modal container will make the modal a one-time modal. When the modal is dismissed, a browser cookie is set, and the modal is permanently dismissed. Any future page views will not show the modal. The cookie will suppress modals shown via triggers and via autoshow. The text set in the `data-cookie` modal will be used as the name for the cookie.

The one-time modal is handy to alert users to a message which they can “accept” or “agree” to, such as an EU Cookies law notice, a promo/sale or a newsletter signup offer.

Exit Modal

“Exit” modals can be used to draw the user’s attention to a promotion or any other alert when their mouse leaves a particular element on the page. Exit modals use the data-show-on-exit attribute to set a selector matching the element where the user’s mouse must exit to show the modal. This means that you could set this selector to match your “Check Out” button, the body of the page, or even a single section on your page so the modal shows when the user scrolls past it. You could also use an exit modal to draw attention back to the page when the user’s mouse leaves the browser window.

An “exit modal” will show immediately, each time your mouse leaves this box.